About Us

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Thanks for visiting our site. Want to find out more about us? Here you go…

Who Are We?

We are crazy! Crazy about sports, that is. Especially extreme sports.

But we have also found that you can get that awesome adrenaline rush from most any sport. Even regular sports like football. Even football fans can be crazy.

Just take a look at American football fans who paint their upper bodies and attend football games shirtless — in the icy cold snowy weather. And we don’t need to talk about real football (eg: soccer) fans: we all know they are crazy — especially in the UK.

But no offense intended — we love it!

What Sports Do We Like

Personally our favorite extreme sport is kiteboarding. Embarrassingly, that’s becoming much more mainstream — it will even be in the next Olympics. But we still love it and we are out on the water whenever the wind (and our schedules) allow.

We also like some less extreme sports like stand up paddle boarding and surfing. I guess we just like the water.

What else do we like? We’ve jumped out airplanes, but skydiving is also pretty mainstream. But we’ve never jumped out of an airplane in a squirrel suit, and we think THAT is awesome. Wingsuit flying, BASE jumping and other crazy sh*t like that rocks.

Why Did We Build This Site

We built this site because we think extreme sports rock. We wanted to write about and share our own experiences. And since we’re not totally crazy — we likely won’t be BASE jumping any time soon — we want share other (awesomely crazy) people’s experiences, too.

So here we are. Enjoy.

– The Sports Punk Team